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Welcome to the UK’s definitive guide to dog ramps.

As dog lovers and dog owners ourselves, we know how important your four-legged friend is to you. More than just a pet, our beloved dogs are part of the family - that’s why we think it’s so important to look after their health, and our own too; after all, they rely on us just as much as we rely on them.

We started taking an interest in dog ramps when our beloved first labrador, Harry, started to show the signs of arthritis. Desperate to make his life as comfortable as possible, we begun researching the various options available to keep him active without putting unnecessary strain on those ageing limbs. Far too heavy and awkward for us to pick up, Harry was already having trouble getting in and out of the car so a dog ramp was the obvious first purchase.

Dog ramps

After trawling lots of pet websites and ramp listings, we still felt none the wiser about what kind of dog ramp we required. Information was either hard to come by or virtually non-existent, so we created a list of the best looking ramps, noted their individual specifications and review scores and before we knew it, the framework for this website was born!

Many years later we’re thrilled to have helped so many owners find the best dog ramp for their circumstances and it’s always great to hear what a difference these seemingly ordinary products can make on their day to day lives.

We hope you find the site useful and welcome any feedback you might have.

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