Deluxe Telescopic Dog Ramp

This top of the range telescopic ramp is one of our best sellers and proof that you do get what you pay for. It's light yet extremely strong and can carry the heaviest of dogs thanks to a aluminium frame which also means it's built to last.

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This budget version of the Solvit Telescopic Dog Ramp continually receives great feedback and seems to be on a par with its branded equivalent. The ramp is strong, portable and easy to use. It's tough, aluminium design makes it a great option for larger dogs and bigger vehicles. The ramp provides a firm surface that doesn't bend under weights of up to 180kg.

Many people choose to leave these ramps set up in their boot so that when the time comes to help a dog in the car, it's simply a case of sliding out the telescopic ramp and lowering it to the ground. The telescopic design makes the ramp length adjustable to suit the height and reach required, comfortably covering distances from 1 to 1.8 metres.

While the makers of this dog ramp claim it is suitable for all cars, some reviews suggest it is too large for smaller vehicles so we generally recommend this only to owners of large dogs and large cars too.

At a glance

Name Deluxe Telescopic Dog Ramp
Rating 4.40 (out of 5)
Weight Capacity 180kg
Length 183cm
Width 43cm
Type Telescopic
Brand Solvit

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