Solvit XL Telescopic Dog Ramp

The XL version of Solvit's Telescopic dog ramp offers all of the premium benefits of it's smaller sibling but with extra length and width for very high vehicles and very large dogs! If you have the money, there is no substitute for this top of the range ramp.

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As the market leading dog ramp for larger dogs, the Solvit XL Telescopic Dog Ramp is our top rated pet ramp that never fails to please.

It's extra size and durability provides a supported, gradual incline that allows dogs to access cars and other raised areas without stress or assistance. It's a heavy ramp (18lbs), so bear that in mind if you're worried about your own mobility but it's ability to support loads of over 300lbs without flexing make it a must own product for those with heavy dogs.

The telescopic design makes the Solvit XL easy to store and there is no risk of trapped fingers from folding parts. In fact, a safety release latch holds everything in place to prevent accidental openings and the carry handle makes it surprisingly portable for a big ramp.

Once in situ, the ramp can be effortlessly slid out and back into the car with easy adjustment to suit the surrounding environment. The dog ramp's surface is designed for maximum grip and safety making it easy to use even at a steeper angle.

At a glance

Name Solvit XL Telescopic Dog Ramp
Rating 4.40 (out of 5)
Weight Capacity 180kg
Length 221cm
Width 51cm
Type Telescopic
Brand Solvit

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