Getting Your Dog to Use a New Ramp

We hear it a lot and this is not an uncommon concern. Dogs are generally quite unsure of new things and don't always adapt to change as well as we like. But don't worry, with a little bit of time and training, as well as a few treats, you'll have your dog trotting up and down your new ramp in no time.

Firstly, you need trust. When you first receive your new ramp, bring it into the home and give your dog a chance to get familiar with it. Make the ramp part of the furniture so that by the time you need to use it, it's no longer a foreign object that smells strange and has a funny texture.

While in the house, unfold or extend the ramp and encourage your dog to start getting used to being on the ramp by guiding him or her up and down the surface and rewarding them at each end with treats. Often, the anti-slip surface of your new ramp will feel strange to your dogs soft, padded paws and this new texture needs a little bit of getting used to.

Keep persevering. If you find it difficult at first to encourage your dog onto the ramp, don't give up. Dogs need time to build up trust, just as we do. Repetition and constant encouragement will help build up confidence so that before you know it, you're ready to try it out on the car.

If you have off-street parking or a garage, it's a good idea to give the dog-ramp it's first full trial here. It's a familiar environment for your dog and it may be a bit less excitable as it will be when you reach the walk drop-off. Again, repetition is best and the more times you can get your dog to go up and down your ramp the better. Keep plenty of treats on you and always stand to the side of the ramp to help guide your dog slowly onto and down the ramp. Being by their side, also helps avoid any accidental slips to either side of the ramp.

Once you're happy and the dog seems ready, head off out there into the big wide world and show off to other dog owners as your beloved pet glides effortlessly up and down your flashy, new ramp!

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