Doghealth Bi-Folding Lightweight Dog Ramp

This ultra tough, lightweight bi-ramp weighs in at only 11lbs yet can support dogs weighing up to 14 stone. With countless happy customers it's undoubtedly one of the best value ramps on the market today.

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Lightweight, strong and reasonable priced, there's not a lot going against the DogHealth Bi Folding Dog Ramp which even comes with a free DogHealth travel bowl. Providing easy access into your car or other difficult to get to places, the Bi-Fold design means the ramp is can be stowed away efficiently, folding to a length of just 80cm.

When in use, the ramp offers 1.5 metres of skid-resistant walkway to help prevent your four-legged friend from jumping out of the boot or requiring a lift back in. Built to carry up to 90kgs of load, the ramp is suitable for almost all dogs yet weighs in at just 5kg. It also has a handy latch to stop it falling open when you least expect it.

There are raised edges to help prevent slipping off the sides and the textured surface certainly helps reduce skid (Most dogs take a bit of time to get used to using ramps and don't always take to the unfamiliar surface. We recommend laying the ramp flat at home and spending some time bribing them back and forth over the ramp with a treat or two at the end).

To summarise, this ramp is a clear hit with our customers and seems to find the right balance between quality and price. Our only word of warning would be for 4x4 owners who might want to check the ramp is long enough for the height of their vehicle.

At a glance

Name Doghealth Bi-Folding Lightweight Dog Ramp
Rating 4.30 (out of 5)
Weight Capacity 90kg
Length 155cm
Width 40cm
Type Folding
Brand Doghealth

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